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Inane ramblings

or clever musings(you be the judge)

I write
21 April 1970
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I'm a thirty something mother of two lovely girls and wife of a very understanding husband. I'm a medical assistant in a podiatrist office. That's right I look at feet all day!

I enjoy a good old sappy romantic comedy. Those of the black and white era of movies or the more recent it doesn't matter. As long as they make me laugh and cry and feel good when the credits roll.

Lovely banner was made by the even lovlier theliningsilver

Any icons not credited to someone else were made by me, so feel free to snag just please credit me in the keywords.
Brushlike textures on images, aren't as I have PSP7, but most of them were made by ownthesunshine,
disappearicons,damnicons, quebelly,tragic_icons,alaskanicons,ladybanteerin,77words,disasteriffic,unmasked_icons,fluffy_monster,http://glamoury.phoenixfyre.net/, amethystia, neke, wash_when_dirty, maleada, seleneheart,dactyliotheca, padabee, braggadocio.org, or me.

The lovely Weasley Twin mood theme was created by crackified.

Ewan McGregor movies are Love.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

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